The Santa Barbara Corpus of Spoken American English

The Santa Barbara Corpus includes c. 250,000 words of transcribed conversations from all over the U.S. It controls for a number of social variables, such as a speaker’s gender, age, hometown, education, occupation and ethnicity, making it useful for socio-linguistic research. The corpus also forms the main component of the spoken part of the the International Corpus of English U.S. (ICE-US). Sound files are available upon request.
The transcripts include precise time stamps and many indications of intonational properties. An example of a transcription is shown below:

67.880 69.398 .. you probably won't lose any either.
69.398 70.034 [But uh,
69.398 70.441 PAIGE: [@@@ @]
70.034 70.922 KRISTIN: (H)] Okay.
70.922 73.197 So we're gonna take [2eighteen2] hundred ca[3lories3]=,
71.562 72.022 PAIGE: [2(SNIFF)2]
72.624 73.000 [3Uh h-3] --
73.197 73.907 How um,

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The Switchboard Corpus

The Switchboard Corpus contains c. 260 hours, more than 2.5 million words, of transcribed telephone conversations. Participants were 543 speakers (302 male, 241 female) from all areas of the United States. A Second phase of the Switchboard Corpus added an additional c. 370 hours, or c. 4 million words, of telephone conversations by 679 speakers predominantly from the Midwest. A part of the corpus, called The Switchboard Dialog Act Corpus, comprising c. 1.4 million words, was made available for free in 2008.
The transcribers followed freely available guidelines. They foresee segmentation of speech into utterances, avoidance of punctuation, "non-speech sounds" such as [throat_clearing], and corrections of mispronunciations like "[splace/space]". An excerpt of a transcript is given below.

sw2930A-ms98-a-0071 269.056375 277.018750 uh-huh i had my boys build their own little c[amp]- you know three leg camp stools by cutting a branch off the tree and binding them together with bark
sw2930A-ms98-a-0072 277.018750 278.342375 [silence]
sw2930A-ms98-a-0073 278.342375 288.195250 and uh we cooked in a pot i baked them a cake right there on a camp fire they were so impressed i used a tire chain and the bottom of a Dutch oven
sw2930A-ms98-a-0074 288.195250 291.936625 [laughter]
sw2930A-ms98-a-0075 291.936625 303.571500 [silence]
sw2930A-ms98-a-0076 303.571500 304.858125 uh-huh

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